• Are you ready for a deeper connection with your partner?
  • Do you wish for more confidence in sex?
  • A more positive body image?
  • Are you interested in better quality sex?
  • Do you feel sexually frustrated?
  • Do you want more sex?
  • Do you want to know how to make love and not just have sex?
  •  Are you interested in slow epic love making?
  •  Are you looking for a deeper and more intense sexual experience?
  •  Do you want sex that is passionate and sizzling?
  •  Do you yearn for a connection with your partner that is more tender and more divine?
  •  Ladies, do you want to discover a pathway to becoming orgasmic and even multi-orgasmic?
  •  Guys, do you want to learn how to become a memorable lover?
  •  If you're in a relationship, do you want to feel unstoppable as a couple?
  •  Do you want to flourish and thrive as a couple not just survive?
  •  Do you yearn for more vulnerability in your life and with your partner?
  •  Are you time poor and regular sex seems unreachable?

Whether you are single or in a relationship, if you are craving more passion, more intimacy, more energy & more vitality for your own daily life, then discovering Tantra could have a deep effect on your life. 

Francesca teaches personalised Tantra Retreat courses for couples at SummerHills Retreat Byron Bay, but for those couples who prefer to learn from the privacy of their own home, her teachings are now available in this online course.

  • A fun and course, this Webinar takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about Tantra for Beginners
  • There are 7 modules and each is broken down into easy steps showing you exactly what to do, at every point
  • No prior knowledge is needed, just a curiosity to discover something new in yourself, in your partner and in your relationship
  • Francesca unpacks every step for you so that the skills in Tantra are easy to reach for any absolute beginner
  • Everyone learns at a different pace, and so in this course you can stop and start the modules at any time and learn in your own time and in a schedule that suits you
  • Even though this is a Couples course, Singles can do this course as well and discover new skills to take into their next relationship !

Adopting a new skill can seem daunting but Francesca makes every step fun and easy.

  • This Webinar would suit you if you feel dissatisfied in your sex life, if you feel disconnected from your partner (sometimes or always), or if you yearn to feel closer and more emotionally connected with your partner
  • In this course you will discover a clear pathway to a deeper connection with yourself and with your partner as well as a feeling of greater sexual satisfaction
  • Tantra can also help with challenges such as premature ejaculation and difficulty with orgasm**
  • If you have confidence issues or body issues, Tantra can support you to dissolve any challenges that are preventing you from enjoying a feeling of deeper intimacy in your relationship
  • Tantra is a layer-by-layer process and is a wonderful pathway towards becoming orgasmic and even multi orgasmic in your life**
  • Whether your relationship is new or established, Tantra is a wonderful way to develop a deeper awareness of your intimacy needs and your partner’s needs
  • This online course shows you step-by-step, how to enjoy slow epic lovemaking - learn how to make love and not just have sex

** Please note that as everybody is different and learns a new skill at different speeds, specific results cannot be guaranteed. However we can guarantee that you will have lots of laughs and fun along the way. Tantra is a lifelong skill - the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it, and the more you practice, the more you will get better at it.


Francesca Esposito has been a passionate Tantra practitioner for 31 years and is also the resident Tantra teacher at the beautiful SummerHills Retreat in the Byron Bay Hinterland. She helps couples discover the ways of Tantra with a gentle and compassionate approach along with a deep understanding of how couples can be wonderfully supported with the tools and skills shown in the ancient teachings of Tantra.

Tantra is a wonderful way to enhance, develop and deepen your relationship and connection with your partner, and in this course you will:

  • Discover that Tantra is a slow way of epic love making
  • Learn a meditative approach to intimacy
  • Discover passion that is tender and divine
  • See that Tantra is not the standard way of having sex, it is much deeper emotionally
  • Discover that Tantric sex literally means "union" and is about harmonising your energy together
  • Learn that Tantra is not about positions, it is about taking your time with foreplay and simply "playing"
  • Discover how to breathe into each other, and how to feel more connected with your partner
  • Learn how to re-sensitise your sense of touch so that every cell in your body feels awakened and your whole being feels energised
  • Discover a different way of touching eachother in a more gentle and authentic way
  • Discover that Tantric sex is about slowing things down, and is not about chasing the orgasm or an outcome
  • Learn that Tantra is an approach to sex and intimacy that will blow your socks off
  • Discover that nothing can compare to Tantra and that you will never experience sex or intimacy or play the same way again
  • Discover how to make love, a more spiritual approach to sex, not just the physical act of sex
  • Find out more about your Masculine & Feminine Polarity
  • Discover that Tantra is a heart centred approach to intimacy
  • Discover the pathway to becoming orgasmic and even multi orgasmic (women)
  • Learn skills to last longer and becoming a memorable lover (men)
  • Discover how to feel unstoppable as a couple
  • Discover a pathway to help you thrive and flourish as a couple and not just survive
  • Learn healthy habits that will last you a lifetime
  • Feel how Tantra can put the sparkle back into your sex life.
  • Plus much, much more!

"Tantra for Couples - Beginner's Online Course"

You are one click away from creating healthy habits to last you a lifetime